The meetings of the project

POLAND 11 JAN 2013 - 14 JAN 2013

Saturday 12 Jan. 2013

10.00   Friendly opening, Introductions of the participants of the meeting, Visiting the school

11.30   Clarifying internal issues

We will process the issues one after the other, from 11:30 till 18.00 (of course between lunch and some tea breaks).

Creation of good communication methods between PNs on an inter-/national level

- Financial standards of the meetings, including accommodation and meals

- Financial plan

- Outcomes

- Objectives of the future meetings

- Evaluation procedure

- Translation of the materials

- Exchange of the best practice examples, experiences and education

Clarifying questions
19.00  Evening in Pułtusk

Sunday 13. Jan. 2013

9.00  Study trip: small processing, traditional and organic farming in Poland, Marcyjańscy, Kuźnia Kurpiowska
12.00 Lunch

13.30 Depart to Warsaw

17:00 Evening in Warsaw

AUSTRIA 9 MAY 2013 - 11 MAY 2013

Thursday, 9 May  

16.00     Arrival, registration, coffee/tea/juice time  

17.00‐18.30 Welcome & Opening Welcome by head of tourist office (Naturpark Pöllauer Tal, Associated Partner), 15 min. - http://www.naturpark‐ 

- What is/does “OIKOS” (10 min.)

- Ökoregion Kaindorf (20 min.), http://www.oekoregion‐ 

- Farm Management Plans – an introduction (20 min).  

19.00    Dinner, getting together 


Friday, 10 May  

08.30     Beginning of excursion programme   

08.15     1st farm (Hans & Mia Heil, Rabenwald, orchards & products) working with FMP Farm Management Plans   

10.30     2nd farm (Johann & Veronika Grabner, Miesenbach, extensive meadows) working with FMP Farm Management Plans for Environment & Climate   

12.00     Lunch (Ghf. Paunger, Miesenbach),  

14.00     KWB, energy plant garden – climatic change,‐erleben/kwb‐energie‐schaugarten.html  

15.30    Coffee break  

16.00   Ökoregion Kaindorf (associated project partner), visit of farm Spindler (member of humus‐project), http://www.oekoregion‐  

19.00    Social event (Typical Austrian Buschenschank); walking back in a group to Pöllau http://www.weinhof‐ 

Saturday, 11 May 

08.30     Internal meeting (clarifying internal issues)  

1. The situation in May 2013: ‐ Presentation to remember the project ideas and outcomes – Poland Needs for the half period report  

2. Information about the outcomes (where we are, what we have to do): 

‐ Logo, platform/blog – information from Turkey 

‐ Dictionary – information from Hungary 

‐ PR card – information from France 

‐ Organic farming schools base date – information from Germany 

‐ Manual concept – information from Austria  

3. Discussion and common decisions 

4. Tasks and deadlines 

5. Time table of next internal meeting 

Date for Germany (topic, place, first agenda) 

Date for Turkey (topic, place)  

6.Information about the event,actions Partners organization or country concerning the topic Climate and Farmers(we share our experience and knowledge

11.30     Visit of Pöllau, church & farmers Shop (local initiative), 

12.30     Lunch  

13.30     End of official programme  

GERMANY 4 SEPT 2013 - 7 SEPT 2013

Monday 4 Sept. 

Arrival in Stegelitz

19.00  Dinner,  Introduction, warming-up

Thursday 5 Sept. 

9.00  Excursion through the biosphere reserve „Schorfheide-Chorin“, meeting farmers, special sites of interest, conclusing discussions,responsible: Christoph Blank, VERN

10.00  Gut Kerkow, private farm in organic land use - Presentation and walk around with the farm manager

12.00  Lunch at the farm restaurant, visit of farm shop 

14.00  Visit of VERN association; large garden sites,seed regeneration, species collection, species collection, tasting of special varieties

16.00  Ecological driven farm, only cultivation without animal husbandry

18.00  Wildsameninsel Uta Kietsch: Commercial seed multiplying of wild local plant species, integrated part of organic farm "Gut Temmen”             

20.00  Dinner altogether with participants and partners

Friday 6 Sept.

9.30    Drive to Angermuende, administration of the biosphere reserve Schorfheide-Chorin, Hoher Steinweg 5-6

10.00  Welcome by the head of the biosphere reserve,

10.30  Introduction to the biosphere reserve „Schorfheide-Chorin“, history, outstanding projects, formal and informal activities 

12.00  Lunch and guided foot walk through the historic city

14.00  Change and development of agriculture and landuse in the biosphere reserve „Schorfheide-Chorin“ 

15.00  Running activities and projects of the, biosphere reserve „Schorfheide-Chorin“ touristic-technical, using photovoltaic energy for transport, the Solar ship „Solar explorer“ on the lake Werbellin As part of the international network of the UNESCO-World Heritage Sites, the old beech forest of Grumsin

16.00  Internal work, project progress, activities and duties, delivery of certificates

19.00  Dinner

Saturday 7 Sept. 

09.30 Offer for a post-workshop excursion to urban gardening sites in Berlin (full day or part day, depending on your preference and possibility)

TURKEY 4 OCT 2013 - 8 OCT 2013

Friday 4 Oct.


Saturday 5 Oct.

09.00 Speaks

10.30 “Agriculture and Climate Change” Prof. Kenan Kaynas

11.00 “Bees and Climate Change” Prof. Turker Savas (presentation in German language)

12.30 Lunch

13.30 City Tour with guide

16.00 Farm of University

17.00 Fresh Youghurt

20.00 Dinner (Yalova Rest.)

Sunday 6 Oct.

10.00 Visit to Baazar (fresh vegetables)

12.00 With Ferry to Eceabat

12.30 Wine yards and wine factory

18.00 With ferry back to Canakkale

20.00 Dinner (Şehir Klubü)

Monday 7 Oct.

09.30 Visit to Troy (with guide)

12.00 Traditional Turkish Village and village life

13.00 Lunch in the village

14.30 Back to the Hotel

15.00 Certificates and plans for Hungary

20.00 Dinner (Çanakkale Evi)

Tuesday 8 Oct.